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A clear edge over any other options software

The visual nature of your software provides a clear edge over any other options software I have seen. I feel like I only saw the tip of the iceberg. However, I saw enough to recognize its virtue. I have worked in Institutional investment management as an equity analyst and portfolio manager for close to 15 years. I had been studying options strategies for 18 months, and even though I have been trading for only 3 months, I had been disillusioned by the POP methodology. Your volatility focus and emphasis on second order Greeks clearly distinguishes you from the present mainstream.

15-Year Veteran explains why he loves OptionColors

Hi All, Having been a trader for 15 years now. I have had results one would expect, some great ups and sadly downs along the way. I found Morris and Optioncolors by chance in December 2016. Truthfully I was a little suspect to whether Optioncolors could indeed give me an "edge" when trading. I had no idea how important Volatility was to positions, Volatility is unquestionably one of the most important attributes to Options trading, and with the tools I now have in Optioncolors I can with complete confidence enter and exit trades at optimum times, which of course has increased my returns. I don't know about you, but that's exactly why Im doing this, to make money. Well done Morris and team. Mark White

The best decision in my trading life

I just wanted let you know that you guys do a really good job! As trying many other investment services caused my trading account to decline, I was skeptical about the next one. Anyway, I signed up for SJOptions…just to see what you offer, but I left with vastly more.

You provided me with a lot of advanced and really UNIQUE information about the behavior of options. Now I know how to design the trade which is in my favor in each and every IV environment. I know how and especially WHEN to manage it and when the time has come to close the trade. All this would not be possible without your special OptionColors trading software. It’s really great how easy the tool is to use and how powerful is the information inside. I see you put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. This platform gives me the confidence to implement advanced options trading techniques, in contrast to my past failed attempts. It really made a significant difference to my trading.

Looking forward to a new features…I’m sure you have lot of surprises for us. Thanks once again, joining SJOptions & subscribing to OptionColors was the best decision in my trading life. Michal.

Speechless over the power of your tools

I have spent 2 days watching the videos and using the software and must say I am speechless on the power of your tools!

Most phenomenal invention in the field of options

I want to thank you for the most phenomenal invention in the field of options trading that I have ever seen. I am not an expert, but I have a good enough understanding of options to realize when I see something amazing.

Head and shoulders above the rest

I feel honored to communicate directly with you. Congratulations on adapting a scientific approach to options analysis, and my personal thanks for your own superb teaching methods. Your firm stands heads and shoulders above any I have seen in teaching skills in this field.

Wow, great stuff!!!!

Wow - this vid was packed full of information. OptionColors is far more complex and superior than I ever imagined. It's going to take a lot of time to master this tool. Fortunately I have a good grasp of volatility-based options trading - otherwise I might be crying "Uncle" already. Great stuff!!!!

Awesome technology!

Awesome technology! Looking forward to seeing how to most effectively deploy this for a variety of trades and situations.

Engineering genius

Morris obviously had something to do with the cockpit instrumentation design of the F-22 Raptor. To get all that functionality in such a compact design is engineering genius.

Designed well

This is really a great portion of the software. There is so much in such a small portion of your screen. It is really designed well.

Money well invested

OptionColors provides analysis and insights into the option pricing that saves thousands. It helps to optimize the trade return by timing the entry, adjustments, and exits. It puts everything we learn into a nice software package to illustrate the option chain, scanning market, tracking and IV analysis. Money well invested, and you’ll find that you’ll have more time to yourself and family too.

Never seen tools like OptionColors anywhere

I have never seen tools like it anywhere. Morris has built into it capabilities I just haven’t come close to seeing elsewhere. He just thinks way, way out of the box. I know this sounds like exaggeration, but if you lose money with the SJO method and tools, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Once familiar with it, OptionColors makes TOS look like amateur night.

A New Approach To Options Trading

Nothing like it on the market today

I am extremely impressed with your platform. There most definitely isn’t anything like it for traders on the market today (or in the future as well). I am only using Livevol to pull data into my own models and SILEXX is an execution front end only. I currently do not have anything to use as comprehensive as OptionsColors. I look forward to working with you going forward!

OptionColors rocks!

OptionColors rocks for beginners. Morris provides an extremely complete package for a beginning options trader. His software tools give you a way to see hundreds of his trading examples. You can walk through them day by day and read his comments and see how volatility reacted - and change them if you think you can do better. Many have videos where he helps to guide you through his thought process. The methods he applies to using the standard options strategies are of super high quality. Few people have this kind of knowledge nor are they willing to show you exactly how they traded. Highly recommend signing up, paper trading on his platform live or after hours, sharing your trades, and send Morris questions about your trades so you can learn. Everything you need to trade is included in the training and baked into the software. Best investment you can make in your education and in your toolbox for trading and protecting your account.

Mind Blowing

I have to say, although I’m just gaining initial exposure to your work and options trading software, it’s pretty mind blowing and it seems clear that you care about your clients and their success. I want to tell you how much I appreciate this. Thank you very much.


I logged in and have been reviewing OptionColors and the instructional videos...you are a genius. It's is really a super cool piece of work. Mike D.

Very Powerful

From what I've seen the software you created is very powerful just from the few videos that I've watched so far. I have been trading blind with regard to skew. Can't wait to watch the other videos!! Joe G.

Amazing Cacophony of Genius

I can't express how very impressed I am with OptionColors. This platform is an amazing cacophony of genius. It is the very best tool I have ever seen to examine options, and it has gotten much better just in the 16 months I have used it. Randy R.


No Fluff. Just volatility trading tools you really need.