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Profit More Consistently

Only OptionColors builds optimized options strategies for clients – ones comprising embedded profits to help traders build their accounts more consistently. There’s no need to fear volatility any longer. Enjoy it. Profit from it – over & over again.

Volatility Reinvented

Volatility is where money is made and lost with options, and that’s why we’ve reinvented volatility analytics. Our tools are the most powerful and precise in the industry.

Statistical Probability

POP methodology is now obsolete. OptionColors replaces it with S-POP™, the original statistical probability of profit method, brought to you by yours truly.

Single-Click Backtesting

OptionColors offers the world’s fastest backtester. Only in our platform can you backtest any options strategy with just a click of the mouse – in seconds.


No Fluff. Just volatility trading tools you really need.