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6-Year Case Study

99% win rate in over 300 trades

SJ Options, options educational company, has been testing OptionColors for many years now. With OptionColors they completed 304 trades from 2014 to 2019 with a 99% win rate. Their forward-test is ongoing.


Provides needed tools that industry has been missing for decades.


Proven effective over 4-year forward test by options educators & clients.


Designed and tested by industry's most knowledgeable traders.


Hedge-fund grade analytics at a price anyone can afford.

Proven Technology
Boost your Probabilities

Increase Returns Trade After Trade!

Forward test results with OptionColors (2014 - 2018)
Total Winners
Total Trades
1 %
Success Rate


Probability Revolutionized

Top Logic To Benefit Traders

“After testing all well-known, respected options trading platforms, I can honestly say that there is nothing in the industry with comparable logic to OptionColors. OptionColors displays the value of options like no other platform and has many clever studies related to options behavioral patterns. It’s full of innovation & statistics – a revolution to the industry in so many ways. With OptionColors it’s always clear which options to buy and sell. It’s easy to embed profits into each trade, something impossible to do with other options software. An option trader has a true advantage while working in OptionColors. I’d like to see the company grow and become the number-one used platform in the world, not just the platform with the top logic.”

Morris Puma, Founder


No Fluff. Just volatility trading tools you really need.