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OptionColors introduces a new logic to the options industry, making the once-invisible a treasure trove of information for options traders to profit from OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Up or Down™

Predicts future volatility changes with a statistical accuracy of over 80%. Stop chasing the markets, and let them come to you as you make the first move with confidence.


OptionColors is a number crunching machine, converting historical data into future probabilities. Implement statistics into your trading today to increase your probability of success.

Trade Organizer™

Keeps you organized. Track your running profits and losses of your trades as you make adjustments to meet the demands of today’s changing markets.


Displays options and their behavior so clearly, it’s like watching a glass engine run. Learn more about options in seconds than you have in all your life.

Daily Insight™

Monitor positions and make intelligent trades with our Daily Insight charts, keeping probabilities on your side. Navigate today's volatile markets with more confidence.

Higher Order Greeks

Provides first order Greeks such as Theta, Vega, Gamma & Delta, as well as key higher order Greeks needed to manage them. Manage your portfolio like a true professional and achieve your highest trading potential.


Like to trade volatility? It's our specialty. OptionCharts makes locating volatility opportunities as easy as pie. Profit from IV reversion more consistently than ever before.

Stop & Go™

Ever wonder if it's the right time to start a trade or if you should take money off the table? Stop & Go charts offer a helping hand! Stop guessing and get scientific about your trading.

Earnings Plays

Instantly backtest any options strategy over past earnings plays. Develop your own play in seconds and profit from the volatility shifts.


Create probabilities based on seasons, quarters, days of the week, duration of time and volatility shifts.


OptionColors connects to Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade apis. We'll be connecting to more brokers soon.

Artificial Intelligence

OptionColors does half the thinking for you. Let our AI technology analyze today’s market and find you opportunities over and over again. Save time and create better trades with AI on your side.

Over Under™ Technology

Over and undervalued options are not difficult to find with OptionColors. Our revolutionary technology increases returns and probabilities for our clients, making options more transparent as they should be.

Thunder™ Backtesting

Makes backtesting life a whole lot easier. Thunder, the world’s fastest backtester, can test any options strategy in a matter of seconds and help clients create the best trading rules for success.

Ticker Picker™

Let’s you scan thousands of tickers for volatility and price skews. Find the opportunities you are looking for in a flash.

Trade Assistant™

The industry's original and most powerful single-click trade builder! Build optimized trades in seconds, and watch your collection of trade models grow as you grow as a trader.

Month Block™

Always know which expiration months are optimized to trade. While invisible to other traders, you’ll know the best location to trade your options at all times. Location, location, location…


Last but not least is OptionColors, our revolutionary option chain. It's a beautiful design with more power than any other options application ever invented. OptionColors will surely change the industry forever...

Strategy Scanners

Use our built-in options strategy scanners to find the top-ranked volatility trades for the moment. Only OptionColors can help you analyze volatility this precisely to find these opportunities.

"I definitely would not want to trade options without OptionColors. That's a risk I am not willing to take."
Donnie P.
Options Strategist

"By far the best volatility trading software I have ever seen - nothing like it"

Jorge, Fireman


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