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New technology to increase returns for options traders

OptionColors implements new logic into options analytics to help traders find opportunities which are totally invisible to most option traders. With emphasis on volatility, statistics and AI, OptionColors is an incredibly powerful options trading platform –  all bundled up into a colorful, intuitive design.  

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OptionColors™ analytics

Logic that works


The next generation of POP, a method to calculate probabilities based purely on statistics.

Up or Down™

AI to predict future volatility changes.  Let the market come to you and increase your returns.

What do successful options traders have in common?


Improves Trading Abilities

OptionColors software is designed to improve options traders’ knowledge and trading abilities. We’ve studied popular platforms, and we found they were all built on similar logic, which hides critical information from users. This leads traders into poorly structured trades. According to academic studies, the average option trader is not successful. 

We built OptionColors on entirely new logic to increase transparency of options to users. Clarity reduces risk and helps traders position their options more effectively, leading to more consistent returns. Information is power, especially when it comes to trading options. 

Join traders from all over the globe, and let OptionColors options platform improve your trading abilities.


With options money is made & lost from volatility. Through innovative, patent-pending designs we look at IV up, down, sideways, backwards, reversed and inside-out!


Design is important to us. We love it. We work hard at OptionColors’ interface to make our client user-experience awesome. We’ll accept nothing less.


We make OptionColors affordable for everybody.   Some folks out there charge twice as much for less volatility data than we charge for our entire platform!


No Fluff. Just volatility trading tools you really need.