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One Click To Build A Volatility Trade

As innovators in the field of options trading we work hard to bring the most powerful options trading analytics to the world, and at the same time, we do our best to make the building of complex options positions an effortless procedure. We save our users countless hours as they trade, and as they say, “Time is money.”

OptionColors Brings One-Click Trading To Industry in 2012

A little history for you – We started working on OptionColors way back in 2008 under its first name, SJ Troo™, where we built the first version of our one-click, automated earnings backtester, which is still the world’s fastest. This method comprised pre-built trading models, so the user did not have to construct any trade at all, saving the clients some serious time during their backtesting efforts. What would take weeks in other platforms, took only seconds in ours.

In 2012 we extended our pre-built trade model methodology to other parts of our platform, allowing users to build numerous trades with our single-click technology. Users could build such trades as singles, credit spreads, ratios, unbalanced spreads, time spreads with just a single click of the mouse.

Our methodology saved clients tremendous time, but that was not the best part of our technology. Our approach also included other patent-pending processes, which built the trader optimized volatility trades with AI technology, compared them all, and sorted the best trades to the top of the list.

Footprints of our Technology

Approximately a year and half after we posted an image of our single-click trade builder online, our technology began to appear in other software.

One popular platform that boasts our technology is the Tastyworks platform. Named Dough back in 2013, the platform came out with a very similar trade builder, which made their software nearly an instant success. Did Dough really pioneer this single click technology? We think not.

In fact, the Dough/Tastytrade/Tastyworks team is one of our most attentive followers. They have called us by phone asking about our patents, they follow our Youtube videos vigorously, and they are on our mailing list.  

In addition to the single-click trade design, the Tastyworks risk profile also resembles our design, which came out years after ours, and they even adopted our adjustable IV Rank concept in 2018, again, after we posted ours on Youtube. It’s too common for larger companies to copy the work of the smaller ones, taking credit for their ideas.

We are flattered by all the attention, really. When the industry’s most recognized companies create derivative works of your own, then you know you are doing something special.

Look Beyond the Surface

Although brokers have created some derivative work from OptionColors, their users do not get the same benefits. In fact, the Tastyworks single-click trade builder lacks important criteria that we invented to help traders make money, which means their single-click method is really just a fast way to lose money. Yes, the platform provides one-click trading building, and it looks similar to our original 2012 SJ Troo design, but the Tastworks builder does not build optimized trades. It appears similar at first glance, but in reality, there is no comparison.

It comes down to this. Brokers make their money when traders send orders through, and they make money by lending traders money. That is their business model.

OptionColors One-Click Builder Benefits Options Traders

We never liked the traditional option chain. It’s really antiquated by now, and our invention of the one-click complex trade builder let us bypass the chain entirely.

It’s not only a headache to build trades from the chain, but the trader does not benefit by doing so. That design is obsolete.

OptionColors efforts have ultimately changed the way options are being traded throughout the industry. Brokers are trying to follow our footprints with derivative, but inferior products.

More often than not, derivative works do not capture the true technology of the original authors. OptionColors’ instant trade builder compares hundreds of trades for a user and highlights the best ones, trades that are highly optimized for a trader’s success. There is a huge difference between building untimely trades fast and building highly optimized trades fast – no comparison really.

Software such as Tastyworks does not have the technology to help traders profit, only to place random trades; it helps their business model. That’s nice for them, but it could also mean a faster way to lose money for the client.

Trade Assistant™ by OptionColors

The original single-click options trade builder

OptionColors uses patent-pending technology to create highly optimized options spreads for users with a single click. No other platform in the world can build options trades with such logic.

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2 Replies to “One Click To Build A Volatility Trade”

  1. Hi I am new to this site.

    I know you have a lot to offer with your software but there are just too many expensive softwares in the mainstream marketplace that simply have lots of add-ons to justify its high fees. This expensively bundled business model seems offered by everyone in this industry while people like myself are just looking for the no frills type, low costs but highly versatile options software- like an uber-optionvue.

    I am just writing down my feedback becos it seems like everyone of you are doing exactly the same things over and over, while people like myself are looking for something else. It is this reason that I think that the market is not competitive enough. It is a big market but there are less subscribers for good reasons too. Thanks for listening.

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest in OptionColors trading software. I understand your point of view and totally agree with you. The reason we develop OptionColors is because most platforms, as you say, do exactly the same thing, and they all lack what is really needed for options traders to make money. OptionColors is a very unique options trading platform. There is nothing like it on the market today. Please get yourself a live demo and see for yourself. Thank you again for posting on our website.

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