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Investools Replacement
TD Ameritrade Closes Investools

So, Investools was closed down by TD Ameritrade.  Lots of people are complaining about being left out in the dark. Well, we are here to say, “Don’t worry because it’s truly a blessing for you.”

Pricing Off The Charts

Investools options mentoring program and stock/options analytical website was one of the most expensive offered, totaling about $20,000 to attend their live seminars, a boot camp and access all of their programs. Investools referred to this coveted package as the PHD program.

Chart Patterns

Investools taught their clients to trade by chart patterns. Statistically, chart patterns do not generally work. Their students believed and followed their advice, but was it ever really tested?  

Chart Patterns Tested

We coded a script to backtest the accuracy of most popular chart patterns, and results demonstrated that the majority of them do not predict direction with any degree of accuracy. One pattern, the triple top, tested better than most, but it’s very rare, so it’s not so useful to active traders. The most common patterns proved to be unreliable.

Big Chart

Big Chart was neat idea, but the application was for equity trading, not options. For options trading that method presents additional risk. If a trader is constantly switching from ticker to ticker, they never master their products. Secondly, options are very complex. One cannot simply trade by price-action alone. Options involve volatility, time and Greeks.

3 Green Arrows, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

There’s nothing wrong with marketing, and Investools was great at it. Yet another great advertising piece – enter a trade with 3 green arrows! Catchy idea, but did it help traders profit consistently? If you break down the 3 green arrow system, again, it was designed for equity trading, not options.

Stop & Go™, Much Better

Our platform, OptionColors™, comprises patent-pending technology to give traders ideas related to entry and exit signals, which we call Stop & Go™.  Our logic is designed specifically for options trading.  It’s far more logical than the stock-related 3-green-arrow concept that was discontinued. 


That is where the money is at, but TDA did not teach it correctly, and the Investools toolbox did not contain beneficial tools to profit from it. The 52-week IV Rank was all you would find, and that technology has been around since 1973. Like most software today, the toolbox was recycled technology with a new interface applied.  Again, there is nothing wrong with that. It makes a good business model, but it’s not so effective for options traders.

For us, volatility is our passion.  We have numerous pending patents related to volatility, and we keep working on our volatility tools each day. There is an entire world to explore in that arena.

Over Under™ Technology

OptionColors™ Over-Under™ technology shows option traders over and under valued options, which are invisible in other platforms. Investools toolbox never helped a trader locate which options to buy and sell because they never had the technology – it did not exist with Investools, nor TOS. OptionColors has it, and has had it for almost a decade already! Our Over-Under™ technology has been time-tested and refined. We have the industry’s best.


Investools website did not provide clients with proper backtesting tools. Sure, Thinkorswim has an antiquated one, but OptionColors has the fastest backtester in the world. We are fascinated with backtesting, and we’ve been automating it since 2008. Our platform comprises 3 types of backtesters. Traders need to save time and get information instantly, so that’s what we provide to them.

Portfolio Margin

PM can be fantastic, but one has to have the right tools and information, especially related to the risk models, to trade it. OptionColors is the premier platform to learn how to trade PM because we have higher order Greeks and the volatility tools needed to analyze risk more accurately. Without proper options analytics it’s not safe to trade portfolio margin.

Strategy Optimization

Investools software could not create an optimized options position for a trader. Their trades were built on poor logic and technology. OptionColors uses highly sophisticated, patent-pending methodology to build intelligent, optimized trades for option traders. We also use AI to help us when we can.

Higher Order Greeks

Investools did not provide higher order Greeks to traders. OptionColors provides all important higher order Greek charts to clients, helping them manage trades like true risk managers.

So yes, we know some of you are feeling miserable and super bummed out that you lost your Investools toolbox, but it’s not such a bad thing when you think about it. If you lost your access to those tools, don’t worry. It wasn’t so great after all. OptionColors™ is a far better solution. Explore our website, get a demo and keep on learning.

Investools Replacement is Here

Investools replacement is right here.  OptionColors has all the tools that Investools never had, and we don’t provide the unnecessary tools they did have. No fluff, no loss of time, just tools options traders need to trade smart. Buy hey, we did keep the good looks that Investools clients got used to. In fact, maybe OptionColors is a just a little bit better looking : ). You be the judge.

With OptionColors patent-pending technology, one can put volatility to work each day.  Put probability on your side by having the ability to see over and undervalued options, which are invisible in traditional software.

Instantly backtest any options strategy to see if you like your scenario. Use statistics to calculate probability, use higher order Greeks to manage vega, buy low and sell high over and over again. Use Stop & Go™, yes like the 3 green arrows, to enter and exit trades!

Instead of Big Charts, we have more beautiful charts, ones that you really need to trade options. If you are open to a new approach built on innovative logic, one that has all the colors and curves of the toolbox, but has much better logic, then OptionColors is the new options software you are seeking.

This blog only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our options trading platform. In a nutshell, we think you’ll love it. You have to try out OptionColors to really appreciate it.

S-POP™ by OptionColors

OptionColors uses patent-pending technology to create probabilities from statistics. Know your probability to make an exact amount of money in an exact amount of time. Make more educated decisions and trade smarter. Make the first move, and let the markets come to you from now on. OptionColors is not just another options trading platform, it’s a lifestyle.

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