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Options are very complex; there’s no doubt about it.  However, business fundamentals are simple, and options trading is simply a business.

To be successful in business, the Golden rule is, buy low and sell high over and over again, and options trading is no different. If you are consistently doing this process backwards, then your business will never be successful.

How does an options trader buy low and sell high?

In order to buy low and sell high, the options trader has to identify over and undervalued options. Without the ability to do this, the options trader cannot execute the fundamental business model of options trading. Unfortunately, by the design of most options trading platforms, the majority of option traders do not have a method to identify over and undervalued options. Without the ability to identify them, how can one expect to run this business successfully? How can you possibly purchase a low-priced option, if you cannot even locate it?  So, this is the problem the entire options trading industry is facing today, but fortunately for option traders, this problem has been solved by our company, OptionColors. Welcome to a new world.

OptionColors is single-handedly changing the entire options trading industry through its revolutionary approach to extracting key information and presenting it to option traders in a simple format. A huge benefit of OptionColors is that it identifies over and under valued options quickly, and it builds option spreads around this powerful information.

Consistency Builds Accounts

By allowing traders to consistently build their option spreads with built-in value, OptionColors facilitates “options trading as a business.” Through consistent recognition of value, business is possible. Without it you are shooting in the dark.

Imagine the comparative results of operating a business with and without this technology. Without it business profits are minimized, if success is achieved at all. For those who can consistently buy low and sell high, business will run smoother and profits will come much easier. Many option traders are doing this process entirely backwards, over and over again, and they do not even know it because this information is hidden from them.

You can't buy what you cannot see

If you can’t locate a good price, you can’t take advantage of the opportunity. This is what is happening to most options traders today. Imagine running a retail store and stocking inventory. If you are paying too much to stock your shelves, then how do you expect to make a profit? By paying too much for inventory a store-front will not see success, and neither will an options trader. This is one reason why businesses go out of business. Competitors undercut their pricing because they have better tools to locate real value in their market.

Optimize your business for success

OptionColors has the tools you need to find value in the markets. Whether you trade SPX or TSLA, it doesn’t matter. It only takes a few seconds to know which options to buy and sell with OptionColors technology. This is what OptionColors is all about – a platform designed to help every option trader achieve his/her maximum level of success.

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